The Belgian Analysis system for Maternal Mortality     started in January 2021.

 BAMM registers and analyses the cases of maternal death in Belgium, in a structured manner by a national multidisciplinary expert team. BAMM is funded by the FPS of Public Health.

Report a case of maternal mortality HERE.


  • Evening Symposium B.OSS & BAMM

B.OSS exists 10 years. We want to celebrate this with an evening symposium.
Thursday 5th of May 2022, 19h – 21h

          - BAMM is launched: the methodology and first findings
                    Karolien Benoit, B.OSS-BAMM-officer
          - Le prestataire de soins, deuxième victime de la mortalité maternelle
                    Dr. Lamyae Benzakour, psychiatrist at the Geneva University Hospitals
          - COVID pandemic; the advantage of international obstetric surveillance systems                      (INOSS)
                    Prof. dr. Kitty Bloemenkamp, Maternal Fetal Medicine Specialist at UMC Utrecht &                     chairman of INOSS
          - B.OSS: what can we learn from the completed studies
                    Dr. Griet Vandenberghe, B.OSS &BAMM, gynaecologist at Ghent University Hospital

More information and presentations can be found here.


  • Complications of Bariatric Surgery in Pregnancy

Starting from January 2021 B.OSS is registering every pregnant woman with bariatric surgery preconceptual, presenting with surgical complications during the pregnancy.

Since a surgical complication in early pregnancy may not always be reported to the gynaecologists, the abdominal surgeons in all centers need to be informed about the study. Therefore, this text in Dutch or French, can be used to spread the information within the hospitals.


  • BAMM

All cases of maternal death in Belgium since January 2021, are expected to be registered and analysed within BAMM.

However the obstetric services are not always involved in a case of maternal death (for example an early or late death) and not all disciplines who can be involved in a maternal death are aware of BAMM. It is important to make this project known to all services in your hospital (Intensive Care, Anesthesia, Cardiology, Psychiatrics, Oncology, Pulmonary disease, Emergency Service, ...). Thank you to spread the text about BAMM in Dutch or French.