Evening Symposium 25th of April 2024

How to care for your team when an obstetric drama occurred


It happens very rarely, but since 2021, at least 34 hospitals in Belgium have been confronted with a maternal death.

A young woman who dies, during pregnancy or shortly after giving birth, affects everyone deeply. Certainly all healthcare providers who were involved.

How does a life-threatening (obstetric) complication progress? How do you approach this as a team? How do you support your team during and after this event? What is a possible approach to open disclosure? How do we analyse critical events such as maternal mortality and how can we learn from them? What skills does this require?

The B.OSS and BAMM team would like to invite you to this fascinating evening symposium, intended for all healthcare providers involved in the follow-up and treatment of women during or after pregnancy and childbirth.


Thursday evening 25th of April 2024, 7 pm to 9.15pm

Location:          CHU Saint-Pierre Forum - Auditoire Bastenie


  • 18h       Doors
  • 19h       Introduction: 3 years of BAMM.

                     Dr. Griet Vandenberghe, Obs, B.OSS &BAMM, Ghent University Hospital

  • 19h15   A mother dies while giving birth.

                     Dr. Julie Belhomme, Obs/Gyn, CHU Saint-Pierre, Brussels

  • 19h30   How to manage a life-threatening complication (in a pregnant woman / woman giving birth).

                     Dr. Antoine Herpain, Head of ICU CHU Saint-Pierre, Brussels

  • 20h05   Debriefing and feedback for critical incidents  

                     Dr. Nicolas Delvaux, Co-chair Group Biomedical Sciences KULAK

  • 20h40   First or second victim, who cares?

                     Dr. Filiep Bataillie, Medical Director AZ Herentals

  • 21h15   Closing remarks


Participation fee: 35€ / students 20€

Accreditation was approved. Attendance certificate will be provided.